General Rules

  • The tournament will be conducted on knockout basis.
  • Each team can have a maximum of 15 players(Playing 7+ 4subs+ 4 reserves).
  • On time of registration
  • Team need to provide playing 7 and 4 subs list before each game. only possible to sub in given 4 subs list
  • Only permanent employees of a company can take part in the tournament
  • employees working on the it company currently working on client company(IT) as contract can also participate in any of this two company.
  • If they decided to play client team need to show both id card. (if parent company has any objections, need to raise before tournament after we publish 15members list )
  • no players can't be playing in two team if so both team will be disqualified and awarded 3-0 to opponent team
  • direct contract employees are not allowed to take part in Tournament.
  • No players working as internship as part of there education can't be allowed.
  • No professional players signed in any registered league will be allowed to participate. Action will be taken on finding any discrepancies.
  • Teams must register with Captain's/Manager's contact details to the registration committee in an official email from HR.
  • Each team should submit the registration form along with the company HR letter including the players list. Only players mentioned in the list will be eligible to play in the tournament.
  • During team registration, the team should submit the company ID card with photo. No player will be allowed to play without submitting the same.
  • Only one team is allowed from a Company for the Men's and Women's category.
  • The company/ organizing committee will not be responsible for any injury that might happen during the game.
  • The teams are required to play in the full kits (team jersey) with proper sporting gears.
  • Any disputes arising during the tournament will be settled by the organizers in consultation with the referees. The decision of the organizing committee will be final.
  • Any complaints, disputes or queries must be taken up with the organising committee.
  • The organizers reserve the right to frame/change/modify any of the rules at any stage of the tournament, if found necessary

Match Rules

  • Teams are requested to be ready at least half an hour prior to the time intimated for the match as per the schedule.
  • If a team fails to report even after 5 minutes of the scheduled time, the opponents will be given a walk-over
  • There can be a maximum of 7 players in the field at a time (6 + 1 GK).
  • Teams are requested to submit the playing 11 list 15 mins before the match.
  • Substitutions are unlimited during the game (rolling substitution).
  • Only those players who are in the playing 11 list can be used as a sub/rolling sub. (4 Rolling subs per each game)
  • A match consists of two halves, the first half with 12 minutes and the second half also contains 12 minutes. There will be a half time of 5 minutes.
  • There will be no off-side rule.
  • Players can pass the ball to their own keeper but the Goalkeeper is not allowed to pick it up
  • All restarts after the goals are from the middle of the field.
  • All subs must be recognized by the referee but no stoppage time for them will be allowed.
  • Foul and hand ball rules will be followed just as in standard football.
  • If the ball leaves the pitch- the standard football rules apply, i.e. throw-in from the side-line.
  • Yellow and red cards will be given for fouls and infringement of rules as in regular football games. Normal Red card and yellow card rules will be used.
  • 2 yellow cards in consecutive matches lead to a 1 match suspension so as a direct red card.
  • For all matches even after the normal time, if the game is a draw, extra time of 5 mins for 2 halves will be used. If it remains a draw,penalty shootout will be used to decide the winner (5 penalties each for a team). Sudden death will be further used if needed.
  • Any walkover or disqualification is considered as 3-0 win for the opposition. The team giving walkover or the one disqualified will not be allowed to play in the future tournaments.